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Whether we’re working on your taxes or your books, we’ll find the most convenient way for you to get us the information we need. You can come to us or we’ll come to you. Pick up and delivery is available. Additionally, you can scan, fax or mail your financial records and we’ll notify you when your taxes are prepared or your statements are ready.

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Tax preparation and bookkeeping are an integral part of a successful business. Lowering your tax liability means more money in your pocket and more investing potential for your business. Accurate bookkeeping allows you to clearly see the financial health of your business and allows you to make better business decisions.


Barone Tax and Bookkeeping can provide you with both of these services making your business run more smoothly and optimizing profitability.

Contact: Phone 503-705-8240; Fax 503-252-9135; Email barone.kira@gmail.com